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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you probably have some questions that you are looking for answers to. Below are some of the most common questions we have from new users and people looking at the option of coming onboard. If your question is not covered, please head to our contact page to get in touch.

What training and onboarding do you offer?

I have worked with hundreds of clients onboarding them onto various CRM platforms from Hubspot to Infusionsoft. I realise the importance of supporting you and your team with set up, integration, data import and platform use, so I offer free initial onboarding and ongoing support packages to ensure you are never on your own.

Do you offer a Free Trial?

Yes, there is a standard 14 day free trial and I will even give you an hour set up support to make sure you get some early results from using Leadnamic. I want you to experience the power of the system during your trial, so do not limit any functionality. Sign up for your free trial by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

Why do you only offer one price for your software?

As a small business owner myself I wanted to offer total transparency with my pricing of my software. I was sick and tired of using software that forced you to upgrade to another more expensive teir to get access to the functionality that I needed to grow my business. So with Leadnamic you pay a fixed price of £395 and the only other extras are small charges for email and SMS text messaging.

How long is the user agreement?

My belief is that if you are ever unhappy with our platform, you should be able to leave and not feel ited in to a long term contract. All I ask is for is 30 days notice and you are free to leave.

Why Do YOu Feel This Suits Small Businesses?

I spent a year talking to small business owners and identifying what they needed and what they did not need to grow their businesses, so built the platform that would give them this. I also made sure that the price was not prohibitive, as it is with many other platforms that force you to upgrade to get access to vital functionality. 

How Much Do You Charge Per User?

Leadnamic allows you to add unlimited users, so as you grow your team, you can add additional users to your Leadnamic portal. You can control what permissions each user has, what role they have and what functionality they can use, so you are fully in control and can delete a user and transfer data from one user to another, should anyone leave your business.

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